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Dorien Plaat

Dorien Plaat is a self-educated painter. She was born of Dutch parents in Kumasi (Ghana). She spent her childhood years in countries like Venezuela and Sri Lanka. Later, when she had grown up, she lived in Tanzania, Nigeria and Vietnam after which she took up permanent residence in the Netherlands.
Being influenced by the various cultures of these countries she developed into the painter she is now : a talented portrait painter working in a figurative style, who handles her brushes with compassion.

Main topics are transgenders, lonely people, bullied children, being vulnerable and how to place ourselves in the environment with others. Only one person or animal is to be seen where the eyes are very important. It is confronting work because the paintings ask us : Now you are looking at me, but who are you ?


Dorien Plaat's paintings are represented in several art collections.
She has exposed her work in Dutch museums and galleries in different countries.

Exhibitions like Kunst Rai- Amsterdam, Art Rotterdam, PAN, Stadsmuseum Harderwijk, CODAmuseum Apeldoorn, PGGMcollectie, Isalakliniek collectie, Collectie Provincie Gelderland, Benetton collection, Jaski Art Gallery, Nasty Alice gallery, etc.