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Els De Roo

Els De Roo is a young artist living in Ghent, Belgium.


As an Art Major in Drawing/Art of Printing, her work mainly consists of drawings, on various media. At the moment, the main focus of her work is her sketchbooks. Next to that she makes large scale drawings and lithographic prints.

Color is almost non existent in her work, just like people.


Our reality is her starting point. However, the drawings always take over and she ends up with a totally different reality of her own. Her black drawings have a film-like quality ; As if the actor had just left the room. There is an overpowering tension in the spaces she draws.


The many layers of black ink attack you. Page after page you cannot escape from it. Even in the blank spaces, there are traces of the aggressive black shimmering through the paper on the reverse side.


Themes like being trapped in an overpowering multitude, tension, forever wandering, play a big role in her work.