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Panamarenko - Papaver

Panamarenko - Papaver

Offset Lithograph - Plate signed

Offset print in green, red and raised silver letters.
Signed in the print, in silver.
Invitation card for the exhibition “Luchtschipinbouw”, Ronny van de Velde 2002, in the presence of Panamarenko and Jan Hoet.

Panamarenko (pseudonym of Henri Van Herwegen, born in Antwerp, 5 February 1940) is a famous assemblagist in Belgian sculpture.

Panamarenko studied at the academy of Antwerp. Before 1968, his art was inspired by Pop art. Early on he became interested in planes and human powered flight. This interest is also shown in his name. It is supposed to be an acronym for "Pan American Airlines and Company".

Starting in 1970, he developed his first models of imaginary vehicles, planes, balloons or helicopters. Many of his sculptures are modern versions of the myth of Icarus.


Artist: Panamarenko
Title of artwork: Papaver
Technique: Offset Lithograph
Signature: Plate signed
Year: 2002
Period: 2000-2009
Condition: As new
Image size: 21×15 cm
Total dimensions: 34×24×3 cm
Sold with frame: Yes


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